About Us

How are we different from many other bankruptcy attorneys?

Experience and Qualifications

Attorney Robbins has been a practicing bankruptcy attorney since 1977, having lived in this area
for over 37 years. He is a licensed attorney and in good standing in South Carolina and North
Carolina, and a member of both state bar associations, as well as the US District Federal Courts in
South Carolina and the Eastern District of North Carolina. His emphasis is on bankruptcy law alone.
He handles bankruptcy cases almost exclusively, and therefore is able to keep up with the many
changes in bankruptcy law . Unlike Mr. Robbins, other attorneys who practice in multiple areas
of the law may find it hard to keep up with the latest bankruptcy change. This is no problem for
Attorney Robbins since he concentrates his time in this one area of the law.


Attorney Robbins gives you the personal attention you deserve from the beginning by providing
his clients with a free consultation directly with him. Mr. Robbins has a well-trained and
experienced staff of paralegals who are always available and helpful. Other attorneys, mostly
from Charleston, have a satellite offices in Myrtle Beach which they may maintain with only one
non-attorney staff member who is not allowed to give you legal advice. Since the actual
attorney is usually in Charleston, will the attorney be there when you need him?